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1.  List four external components you can see on the PC in front of you and describe the basic
function of each one. (4 marks)

1 – DVD/CD Drive

2 – Headphone/Microphone Port

3 – Power button

4 – USB ports
2. Inside of the case are internal components. List six internal components and describe the basic
function of each one. (6 marks)

1 – Motherboard – The main part of the computer that connects everything together.

2 – RAM – Random Access Memory, is a form of memory that allows you to run more processes, the more you have.

3 – Graphics/Video Card – Makes the graphics of your computer run better.

4 – CPU – The Central Processing Unit is the brains of the computer, where most calculations take place.

5 – Hard Drive – Hold all your data (files, pictures, images, videos, documents, and many more.) it contains everything your computer has ever done.

6 – Power Supply – Gives power to your computer, without it, your computer would just be a box of metal and plastic.
3.  List seven common communication ports. Describe the appearance and common uses of each one. (7 marks)

1 – VGA Port – A blue port that connects monitors with each other

2 – HDMI Port – A port with a bigger top and smaller bottom that connects your computer to an other screen.

3 – Ethernet Port- A rectangle with two smaller rectangles on the bottom. Connects modem to your computer.

4 – USB Port – A rectangular port that connects, flash drives, external hard drives, external disc drives, etc. to your computer.

5 – Headphone/Microphone Port – Two both circular ports that connects your headphones and microphones.

6 – Parallel Line – The older version of the USB, that can connect peripherals such as printers.

7 – SATA Ports – Connects SATA cables from the motherboard to the hard drive
4. Compare primary and secondary storage. Give an example device of each type. (3 marks)

The primary storage is usually the most used, the drive letter is usually C. The secondary storage is usually used for backups, and has the drive letter D
5. Explain what a byte, mega byte, and a gigabyte are. Fill in the chart below with the proper information. (7 marks)

Byte – 1 byte is the smallest form of data possible.

Megabyte – A megabyte is 1000KB, and 1000000 bytes.

Gigabyte – A Gigabyte is 1000MB.

Byte 8 Bits= 1 byte
KB Kilobyte= 1000 bytes
MB Megabyte = 1000000 bytes
GB Gigabyte= 1000000000 bytes
PART III – Identify Computer Parts (30 marks)

1) Draw a diagram of the intenral components of a desktop computer. Label each part as seen below.

2) Breakdown a computer and identify the selected components. Remove as many of the following components as possible from the computer tower and lable them with the correct number where possible – neatness of your labeling and presnetation are necessary!


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